Smart Inventory management is a comprehensive cloud-based inventory management software that uses your android base Smart phone or Tablet to track and manage your inventory in small and medium business or in home.


App will allow you to manage your inventory, stock count and inventory movement. Doesn't require any additional hardware and uses smartphone or tablet camera for barcode scanning.

  • Inventory management and stock count / control
  • Master data for category, location, and tax
  • Supplier and customer management
  • Purchase and sale order
  • Inventory adjustment
  • Income and expense management
  • Import and export
  • Barcode scan
  • Web POS
  • Cashier settlement - reconcile the day sales


Giving you access from any smart phone or tablet (android) with same credentials from anywhere. Doesn't require multiple licences to run in multiple devices. App allows you to stay on top of all inventory processes resulting in the saving of time and money.

Easy to setup

Download the app and create an account

  • Setup item categories
  • Import inventory or setup inventory
  • Ready to use!

App Screenshots

Sample screenshots from Smart Inventory


Its free to download. 60 days free trial. Only pay if you are using the app, NO subscriptions.

All-In-One multi-user cloud-based inventory management app